Our goal is to meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of the future generations. Sustainable development encourages us to conserve our natural resources and build a better environment.

By implementing sustainability strategies in our homes, communities, and ecosystems we can find innovative solutions to balance the planet. We are committed to improve the economic, social, and environmental impacts in rural communities of Madagascar.

Shopping with us gives you access to top-quality vanilla and makes you part of a team dedicated to make the world a better place.


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Read some of our frequently asked questions and get those answers on the tip of your tongue! Learn a bit more about our vanilla, our company, and other topics of interest.

We source our vanilla from Madagascar, which is the most popular type of vanilla due to its higher concentration of vanillin content as it gives it a rich, sweet, warm, and creamy flavor.

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Our vanilla beans arrive vacuum sealed and our homemade vanilla extract in a glass bottle, we recommend that you do not open the package until usage. Once opened, store in glass or plastic jar. Do not refrigerate or freeze! Keep all products in a cool, dark, and dry area. When stored properly, vanilla beans have a shelf life of two years and vanilla extract can be kept indefinitely (but best to use within five years to get the full flavor and aroma experience).

Our orders are shipped within 24 hours from the US and within 48 hours from Madagascar. We ship internationally for orders above 2lb. Domestic orders arrive between 3 to 5 business days; international orders arrive between 10 to 14 business days. Export documents are included for large shipments.

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Although our vanilla beans are 100% natural and sourced at peak freshness we understand the need for some entities to have extra certified documents for proof of export and manufacturing. We provide organic certified beans upon request certified by Ecocert.

Issues with your order, please let us know by contacting us:
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